Best Acne Medication Information

Unfortunately millions of people suffer from acne and there are loads of products on the market - many of which can be ineffective and expensive. Acne can reduce one's confidence and can be a sign of nutritional deficiencies or even allergies, so it is worthwhile finding the best acne medication for you to handle the problem once and for all.

The best acne medications and treatments tackle the problem by reducing the production of sebum, removing dead skin cells and killing acne-causing bacteria using topical drugs and oral medications. The choice of acne medication and treatment used depends upon how severe the problem is. Below are some of the most common treatments used today.

Treatments for acne generally come under the categories of General, Prescription and Specialized treatments. General treatments are products which can help clear acne on the surface but do not tackle the underlying causes of the acne. These treatments include the various creams and lotions out there on the market. Whilst some of these can be effective, they can be costly and often do not target the true source of the problem. They can be effective for the treatment of mild acne, but again you may wish to look into the area more to handle any underlying physical causes.

Prescription drugs include acne medications such as antibiotics which is usually used for patients who have more serious acne conditions. Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria which causes acne but the body is only meant to be on antibiotics for short periods, so this is not an ideal life-long acne medication.

The oral contraceptive pill is a possible treatment which is sometimes used to treat women for acne. This can take three to four months to be effective though and not all women wish to take the contraceptive pill. It is however an option for treating acne.

Another popular acne medication is called Accutane. However, Accutane has many side effects and can be harmful in some cases. Some doctors and dermatologists that refuse to prescribe Accutane due to the uncertainty of its side effects. Due to this, I would not recommend this medication.

Specialized treatments work by handling the root cause of the acne. They usually approach the problem from a combination of angles. These treatments can include handling acne by addressing nutrition, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, avoidance of certain trigger foods, skin hygiene and lifestyle. These are usually the favourable treatments to go for as they do not involve harmful drugs or harsh chemicals. They also usually have longer lasting results as they are getting to the true cause of the problem.
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Best Acne Medication Information
Best Acne Medication Information
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